Auxiliary Material

PHP files on this page can be downloaded as zip files.

fruit.htm (example study consisting of one study page)

Generic HTML Form Processor (automatically saves Web-collected data into an automatically created MySQL database)

page1.htm page2.htm page3.htm (example study consisting of three study pages)

seite1.htm seite2.htm seite3.htm seite4.htm seite5.htm (example study consisting of five study pages with one input field on each page)

page0.php (example study page for random assignment with Generic HTML Form Processor)

password.htm (example study page for password authentication with Generic HTML Form Processor)

fetch_data.php (example study page that re-uses row-specific data from database) (example file to fetch row-specific data from database with Generic HTML Form Processor)

phpPanelAdmin (set up and administer an online panel)

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