phpPanelAdmin is an open source tool for the management of online (access) panels, participant pools, crowdsources, sampling lists or communities.
phpPanelAdmin is free software placed under GNU General Public Licence.
phpPanelAdmin works with PHP and MySQL, both of which are free.

phpPanelAdmin's features to set up and administer an online panel include:
- create a panel sign-up form from a template
- automatic set-up of the panel database
- search individuals or groups of panelists by a single search criterion or a combination of search criteria
- view, modify, and delete panelists' data
- delete and clone variables
- draw random samples
- send e-mail to samples or individual panelists
- export panelists' profile data
- panel statistics at a glance
- identification of duplicates
- create and manage e-mail templates
- execute user-defined SQL-commands
- help

Download phpPanelAdmin along with the documentation as a zipped file here (this most recent version was updated to work on PHP 7.4). Here is an older version that was developed to work on PHP 5.5.
Here is an older version that was developed to work on PHP 4.3.

Download the article on phpPanelAdmin that has been published in Behavior Research Methods. Please cite this article in all work that benefitted from using phpPanelAdmin.

If you use phpPanelAdmin in conjunction with the open-source tool Generic HTML Form Processor to track panelists from the panel into your study, follow these steps:

Please understand that there are the following limitations to using phpPanelAdmin:
- I am not responsible for any data loss or malfunctioning of the program you or your respondents might experience.
- There is no technical support. If you find a bug and can narrow down when it occurs you are welcome to send me an email.

Copyright (C) 2009 Anja S. Göritz <>

Please cite the article "Göritz, A. S. (2009). Building and managing an online panel with phpPanelAdmin. Behavior Research Methods, 41(4), 1177-1182." in work that benefited from phpPanelAdmin.